Double-sided single-sided tin plate tin bad how to deal with
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Summary:Double-sided single-sided tin plate tin bad how to deal with
Tin leveled board in the production of a product, (is), the production of the first side, on the tin is good, no problems at all. But the second plane production, refuse to welding in PCB, (such as the attachment). Through the analysis, because this is a question of PCB material, but the good side one tin, because what reason caused this?
The answer:1. Limited by design, can only start production the first side (TOP), production after the second surface (BOT). Do with scrap PCB test, however, did not produce the first side of the board, directly print BOT surface tin, OK after furnace, and not the phenomenon of welding. Also ever changing different brands of solder paste, and repeatedly tried to adjust temperature. But bad product is more and less differences, unable to put an end to bad product.2. The problem of fruit out of furnace temperature setting and solder paste, the possible existence of the original.
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