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Summary:Welcome to visit Bora PCB and share us your design idea and let us work together to build your projects.

With the decades of development in science and technology, many new electronic products were built within quite short time than ever before. Moreover, nowadays, many new creative projects has been displayed on the funding platform like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. There are many makers try to put their project design on such platform and get the support from the fans all over the world. It is quite amazing and worthwhile. As you see, from the design to final products, it normally take long time than expected. And it also cost a lot of money to start a new project. But thanks funding platform like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, many projects has been successfully funded and come to our daily life already.


But how to make your project easier and smart when you got the great idea to move on the project. Well, Bora PCB could be your great choice to build the new project from zero. Bora PCB mainly offer the One Stop OEM electronic manufacturing service including the PCB design, PCB fabrication, Components sourcing, PCB assembly, Mold built and Case assembly service. With years of experience, Bora PCB has help many makers and other electronic engineers to complete their projects like Robo 3D,Blue Eagle etc. Bora PCB could also offer fast PCBA Prototype service and OEM electronic contract manufacturing service according to the client’s requirements.


Moreover, there is greatest Maker Faire club built in New York, USA and Shenzhen, China. Many electronic fans stay together and share the new thoughts in this clue and put them on the website to let more people know. Bora PCB engineers also had participated in Maker Faire Club which was hold each week in Nanshan, Shenzhen City. This is great public activity to share the ideas with other Markers coming from all over the world. And engineers could also solve the technician problem in such meeting since there many engineers coming from different fields.


Welcome to visit Bora PCB and share us your design idea and let us work together to build your projects. We always strive to offer best quality and service to you. Just make it simply smart!

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